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Sustainable Development Goals – Board Game for children


J.M. Varas Design

Developed and designed the SDG board game for children – “Go Goals”.


The purpose of the SDG board game,  entitled “Go Goals”, is to educate children (8-10 years) and help them understand the SDGs and the 17 goals in a fun and playful way. Our aim is to target school teachers/ parents and ask them to use and play the “Go Goals” game as an educational activity.


For this purpose I have created and developed a game kit available for download via the game website – (website under construction). The all-inclusive game kit is designed as a do it self-kit for everyone, including our audience in developing countries, with access to a printer. Game Kit and Questions – PDF

The plan is to roll out the game during 2017 and translate it into French. Enjoy!

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The Gift of Failure



3312922051_580a6e9625_nLife is interesting. You think you’re going to end up in one place, and, surprise, you end up in another. I think that’s very much like the world we’re preparing our students for. Nobody really knows what the world will look like 10 years from now. We’re preparing students for jobs that don’t exist, using technology that hasn’t been invented, to solve problems we don’t know about. How do we do that? It’s not by focusing on content. Instead, it’s about skills. And for me, what’s the most important one? The ability to learn.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn – Alvin Toffler

Most of this process involves a lot of failure. When I fail, I have a choice. I can blame it on external factors, or I can dig down deep, develop…

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The only one who truely doesn’t believe in you.


Principal Interest

Image My first novel, the product of walking the dog with my daughters.

An interesting exercise when you are starting an endeavor is to make a list of all the people who really believe you can do it and all of the people who really believe that you can’t – as well as all the people who fall in between. For argument sake, I will use a six point scale to describe my list when I started my first novel and most of the way through the writing process:

  1. Really believe that you can do it:  My two daughters & my dog.
  2. Think that you probably can do it:  My wife and a few friends. Me sometimes.
  3. Wonder if you can do it or not: Me sometimes. A few more friends.
  4. Think that you probably can’t do it: Me often.
  5. Really believe that you can’t do it: Me sometimes.
  6. Completely indifferent: 7.163…

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